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Sensei is YOUR UNIQUE solution for your opNsense customers who need next-generatıon firewall features

We know that many of MSPs (Managed Service Providers) in the cybersecurity market are very valuable companies that offer quality products and services for customers who need cybersecurity services including firewalls.

Today, We would like to introduce an easy-to-install plug-in, Sensei, empowering open-source firewalls with next-generation firewall features.

As an MSP, If this news excites you, there's one more to come: we believe that all together we can increase our revenue stream by reaching out to new customers, who didn't even think of using open source firewalls. 


In this article, you'll find answers for the following questions:

  1. What does Sensei offer to help you have your lost customers back?

  2. Is Sensei free? How can an MSPs generate revenue out of it?

  3. Why is Sensei unique?

  4. What are Sensei's licensing advantages over commercial firewall products?

  5. What are the benefits of the Subscription Model for MSPs?




Sensei is the UNIQUE solution for your opnsense customers who need next-generation firewall features on them



With Sensei you will have these advantages in terms of customer retention:


  • Increase your profitability by conveniently offering the best of the breed technology with an unmatched profit margin.

  • Your customers will love Sensei because of its unprecedented performance, stability and rich feature-set. Increase customer satisfaction with your existing customers.

  • Have your lost customers back. Because, now, they have an option to be able to enjoy next-generation firewall features on their beloved open-source firewalls.


Sensei Free Edition


Sensei Free Edition is made available at no cost to open source firewall users.


Premium Subscription, which offers more advanced features, is available for purchase through OPNsense webshop.


The technology behind Sensei is a very powerful packet analysis engine which can also provide protection against encrypted cyber-attacks that are gaining momentum.


Sensei technology enables cybersecurity tools with utmost visibility, packet classification and fine-grained policy enforcement for any type of traffic.


More packet intelligence means better decision making. Better decision making means better success rates in detecting & preventing cyber-attacks. Sensei provides rich packet intelligence so that the industry can enjoy great cybersecurity tools.


Some of the key features that are made available to the open-source firewalls include:


  • Application Visibility & Control

  • Drill-down Network Visibility

  • User-based filtering & reports

  • Web Security & Cloud App Controls

  • Encrypted Attacks Protection




Why Sensei?

What are Sensei's advantages over commercial products?


We strongly believe that this solution which came out of the co-operation between OPNsense, being an open-source firewall product and a commercial company like us will disrupt the UTM and Web Secure Gateway markets.

The reason is OPNsense is already a very advanced product, in some ways, better than most of the commercial alternatives. Besides being available free-of-charge, it is very feature-rich coming with lots of alternatives for a lot of use cases (many VPN alternatives, IDS/IPS, Web cache). The project is backed by the power of an open-source community which none of the commercial firewalls in the market have.

What's more, and contrary to the general idea, product is very stable & robust. We've been working with OPNsense with almost a year now, and we did not witness any single update failing although they shipped two major upgrades and around 10 minor updates during this time. We do not see this much activity with the commercial firewall vendors.

This is actually, why we did not create a full-fledged firewall product ourselves. Instead, we chose to partner with them and provide our advanced threat protection capabilities on top of this legacy.


  • Sensei has one of the best packet inspection technologies in the world. It's the first engine which can offer native TLS inspection regardless of the port numbers being used. It's fully transparent. Only 2 top tier commercial UTM vendors have this technology. Other products rely on a "proxy" method, which cannot protect the whole TCP/UDP port spectrum.

  • Best in class native network analytics and reporting. The only product which can offer the richest set of analytics and reporting for the UTM class of products.

  • Native built-in protection against encrypted threats. The rise in encrypted attacks is becoming more and more of a problem every coming day.

  • No more proxies: Sensei has industry’s best packet processor which has native full TLS inspection at all ports. No more proxies.

  • Flexible, plug-in architecture enables integration to your existing toolset easier than ever

  • No hardware lock-in. Choose whatever hardware, either bare metal or virtual, you’d like to use. No more trashing of your old hardware when you grow your business.

  • Stay with your flexible enterprise-grade open source firewall while enjoying commercial enterprise-grade network security features. We’re marrying two worlds. Open source firewall space, which is already offering great stability, flexibility and enterprise-grade features, is now marrying with commercial firewalls space.

  • Scale as you grow: No matter if you’re deploying for 10 users or tens of thousands of users. Same product. Same solution. Instantly scales to your hardware.

  • Priced as a plug-in not as a complete firewall. Reduces your cost, and eventually contributing to your client’s IT budget.


Joining two forces, is like nuclear fusion, creating a tremendous synergy. We believe this will disrupt the UTM market. 


benefits of the Subscription Model


We are not selling a one-time license. We are selling a subscription. We know that usually, MSPs who utilize open-source firewalls generate revenue through hardware and support. We are introducing an alternative revenue stream: recurring revenue model with software subscriptions.

  • Our subscription model ensures that the partners is retaining a larger number of customers on a consistent basis.

  • The model creates an opportunity to enjoy increased revenue figures from existing customers.

  • Since the scope of the value-add stays intact throughout the customer lifecycle, partners get consistent opportunities in growing their revenue.


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