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Sensei: Make the most of your open source firewall.

Stop cyber threats with Next Generation Firewall features.

How it Works

Advanced Persistent Protection for All...

Better packet intelligence means better decision making. Better decision making means better success rates in detecting and preventing cyber attacks.

The technology behind Sensei powers the industry’s first packet inspection engine with native TLS inspection.

Sensei technology also provides high-visibility packet classification and fine-grained policy enforcement for any type of traffic.

Sunny Valley Networks created great packet intelligence so that any home user, educational institution, business or enterprise can enjoy great cyber security too.

Application Visibility and Control

Block or control unauthorized or misbehaving applications, regardless of port numbers.
Rich application database consists of signatures for thousands of applications.

Drill-down Network Visibility‚Äč

Sensei’s rich application database identifies thousands of communication protocols and data attributes, creating the most accurate picture of real-time network data activity.

Real-time network visualization.
Drill down to per-connection detail.
Spot anomalies visually.
Active Directory

User-based Filtering and Reports

Easily integrate with Microsoft Active Directory or Captive Portal for user-based reporting and filtering.

Detect deviations from normal user behavior.

Web Security and Cloud Application Controls

With Cloud Application Controls, you can create granular access policies for Cloud services including Google, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Amazon Web Services, and Twitter. Sensei’s cloud-based web categorization database provides real-time classification for unknown sites in under 5 minutes.

Apply web filtering policies for more than 140 million web sites for 120+ different web categories.
Create custom categories to blacklist or whitelist sites.
New botnets are detected and blocked within minutes.


Deployed in 100+ countries
Deployed in 100+ countries
Selected amongst top 10 startups
Selected amongst top 10 startups

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