Unlocking Cloud Security Market
for Internet & Cloud Service Providers

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is the next big thing in Security.

Integrate the industry’s one and only purpose-built technology and start offering Software-Defined Security for your customers.

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SASE(*) is disrupting a $100B market

Network Security is a huge market estimated to be generating $100 Billion Dollars annual revenue.

According to Gartner, SASE is poised to change the whole Network Security Market.

Market demand is fuelled by Cloud Adoption, hyper-distributed Enterprises and Work-from-Home.

Internet & Cloud Service Providers have a big say here, since; SASE is where network security marries network access.

* Gartner Blog: SASE

Enabling SASE

We believe Internet & Cloud Service Providers can play a significant role in providing instant security with the best user experience. 

This is why we’ve chosen to partner with you in delivering the industry’s one and only purpose-built technology.

We are the “security” for your “network access service”

With centralized instant deployments, fast updates, and cloud-based easy management; Zenarmor is a no-brainer for ISP & Cloud Infrastructures.

ZenarmorTM : Cutting Edge Security Built for Carrier Scale

Zenarmor is Software-Defined. It’s appliance-free, lightweight and nimble.  

This uniquely allows you to launch instantaneous micro firewalls on demand; at the Access, Edge and Core level.

Micro & mighty packet inspection is so powerful that it can even protect against advanced encrypted threats. 

Appliance Solutions vs Zenarmor

Multi-tenant Cloud-based Management

Cloud-based management portal provides control for all policies and network deployments. 

Organizations can design policies independent of locations and devices and enforce them across all IT environments, aggregate and visualize all security telemetry from a single pane of glass from an enterprise-level view down to per-connection details.

Deploys and updates in seconds

All software, micro firewall can deploy just as fast as launching a simple application. 

Fully automated cloud based updates are hassle-free and need zero operational overhead. 

Easy & Powerful.

Encrypted Threat Protection

Zero-latency SASE Security Stack

Single-pass architecture processes packets once and for all security controls.  

The same security stack runs everywhere,  providing an unprecedented level of consistency in applying security policies.  

Leveraging Sunny Valley Networks’ Firewall as a Service, application management capabilities, and deep packet inspection engine with native TLS, organizations can achieve better packet intelligence for detecting and preventing cyber-attacks. 

ZenarmorTM  Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform offers:

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

Secure Web Gateway

Cloud-based real-time Threat Intelligence

DNS and Wifi Security

Encrypted Threats Prevention (Full TLS Inspection)

Policy-based Filtering and QoS

Multi-Cloud Environment Integration

User/Group/Device-based Filtering

Cloud-based Management, Deployment & Updates


Seamless accross all IT environments

On-prem or Cloud. Bare-metal or virtual. A single container or a Kubernetes Cluster. A single server or a whole enterprise network. 

Anywhere there is network access. 

A perfect fit for the new-era enterprise omni-presence!

RESTful API for Management at Scale!

Manage micro firewall nodes, filtering and QoS policies and access centralized reporting through the RESTful API.

(*) To be introduced soon

Deployed in 100+ countries
Deployed in 100+ countries
Selected amongst top 10 startups
Selected amongst top 10 startups

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