After a four-month marathon, we’re super excited to announce the public availability of Zenarmor 1.10 release. Managing your Zenarmor instances becomes a lot easier thanks to the new capabilities introduced with the Cloud Management Portal.

Also important to note, you are now able to deploy Zenarmor as an L2 Filtering Bridge. Please read on to learn more about all the new exciting features 1.10 is bringing to you.

Cloud Central Management

With Zenarmor, our mission is to "bring network security closer to wherever you have networking”. In accomplishing this goal, central management is a key piece. With this release, we’ve taken a huge step to provide the foundation for managing hundreds and even thousands of firewalls from a single pane of glass.

Cloud Agent has been re-written from scratch. Long live Golang!

The new cloud agent is now benefitting from the unmatched performance, concurrent processing, and resource-preserving capabilities of the Golang programming language. Golang supports a long list of platforms, which makes it a lot easier for us to be able to support additional platforms in the future. With 1.10, you’ll notice that the cloud agent is consuming a lot less CPU and memory.

Cloud Alerts & Notifications

Customizable notifications allow you to be notified of important Zenarmor events on your firewalls. Central notifications can be delivered through the Portal UI and/or via e-mail.

Zenarmor Notifications

Figure 1. Zenarmor Notifications

All Firewalls Dashboard

This is a bird's eye view of all your connected firewalls displaying their system statuses, threat levels, and top bandwidth consumer hosts and applications.

All Firewalls Dashboard Figure 2. All Firewalls Dashboard

Subscriptions are now available for the new platforms

If you are on one of the newly introduced platforms (FreeBSD, Linux) and want to use Zenarmor’s advanced paid features on them, you can do it now through the Cloud Portal. Just head to My Firewalls -> Select your firewall -> Settings -> Subscriptions. Enter your activation key and you’ll be done in seconds. You can move your key between firewalls on different platforms. Just make sure a single key is only activated on a single firewall.

Transparent Filtering Bridge (L2 Deployment Mode)

Deploy your Zenarmor as a Secure Web Gateway alongside another firewall (L2 Bridge)

Manage it either through the OPNsense Web UI or centrally through the Zenarmor Cloud Portal.

Zenarmor Configuration Figure 3. Zenarmor Configuration

MAC Address based policies

Device-based filtering is now possible with MAC Address based policies. This allows you to filter devices independent of their IPv4 / IPv6 addresses. Reports also display the device hardware addresses. Drill down to filter reports and view them with per-device granularity.

NFQUEUE deployment mode (Linux-only)

If you’re on a Linux system and do not want to use netmap for the packet I/O interface, you can now select NFQUEUE as the deployment mode. Since NFQUEUE is pretty standard in all Linux systems, it’s a very convenient way to do filtering & reporting.

Lots of more features on the Release Notes

Feel free to have a look at 1.10 Release Notes which discusses all the new features, improvements and bug-fixes that are shipping with 1.10.

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