Sensei Premium Features Guide released

Sensei Premium Features extend the capabilities of OPNsense to include advanced security and threat protection with near-real-time threat feeds, web, user and policy-based filtering, SIEM data integration, API access, reporting, and compliance capabilities as well as 24/7 help desk support. The features highlighted below extend the functionality of OPNsense to provide true Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) protection.

The complete guide can be found on the Sensei Premium Features Guide.


Advanced Threat Protection

Sensei Premium provides Advanced Threat Protection against the latest malware, viruses and phishing attacks by blocking websites that are known to host malware and viruses and launch phishing attacks. With SunnyValley’s Advanced Threat Protection feed, users are provided with near-real-time commercial-grade threat tracking and protection.

Suspicious Domain Blocking

Sensei Premium blocks suspicious domains including expired domains, hacked and newly registered domains (NRDs) favored by threat actors for launching malicious campaigns. Research shows that NRDs, for example, are risky, revealing malicious usage of NRDs for phishing, malware, and online scams. In addition, Sense Premium also blocks any expired DynDNS sites.


Customized Reporting

Sensei Premium provides you with the capabilities to create your own reporting views.

PDF Export

With a single click, you can export reports and charts as PDF files.

Filtering & Compliance

Customized Landing Pages for Blocked Sessions

With Sensei Premium, IT administrators can create custom response web pages that are displayed when a user tries to access a blocked URL. With custom HTML pages, messages are displayed when a user requests a web page or file.

Web and URL Filtering

Sensei Premium lets administrators create customizable web filtering profiles and policies based on a cloud-based web categorization of 140+ Million web sites under 60+ categories.

Policy-based Filtering

Policy-based controls let users create an unlimited number of policies to customize filtering and controls for different groups of users. With Sensei Premium, an unlimited number of policies can be created based on Network Interfaces, VLANs, Subnet / IP addresses and users/groups. All policies are controlled via the Policy Wizard.Filtering Policies by Interface/VLAN and IP/Network Address.

Enter the VLAN number and IP/Network Address.Users and Groups and Schedule Filtering

By enabling Captive Portal or installing the Sensei Active Directory Agent on an Active Directory server, users can be added to OPNsense for user-based filtering.


Sensei Premium can stream data to external, remote Elasticsearch or MongoDB servers for log parsing and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system integration. In the Configuration section of the Sensei OPNsense portal select the Reporting and Data tab.

API Access

Sensei Premium provides API access for Sensei engine configuration and management. Rest API Security Tokens can be created by navigating to Configuration and scrolling down to REST API Security Tokens.


Premium Support provides access to the Sunny Valley Networks (SVN) Help Desk. Through the SVN Help Desk, users can access configuration and access information, create high-priority support tickets for SVN engineers that are available 24/7.