Sensei for OPNsense 1.4 released

Bringing High Availability Clustering support, better Ad Blocking, more improvements and some bug fixes; Sensei 1.4 release is out for OPNsense firewall.

Starting from $9.99/month for home users, and $39/month for commercial users, all of Sensei’s subscription options can be purchased easily from the Sensei User Interface.

For plans and prices, please see: Sensei Plan page. Academic, educational & non-profit organizations enjoy generous discounts.

To learn how Premium Subscriptions add on top of Free Features, see: Premium vs Free

Also, you might want to check out this review on Home Network Blog for an in-depth review and feature comparison.

What’s cooking for Sensei in 2020?

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What’s new in Sensei 1.4 for OPNsense?

High Availability Clustering

  • Automatic Sensei configuration synchronization between OPNsense HA cluster nodes (Premium feature)

Application Control

  • 74 new applications recognized (mostly for better Ad Blocking)


  • Optimized Cloud Query Caching

  • Europe-2 cloud server has been introduced for additional capacity for Europe continent


  • Tool tips for policy screens

  • Fixed an issue where in some rare occasions rules were not communicated with the engine properly

  • Fixed Ad blocking for Android apps

Reporting & Analytics

  • Mongodb: if indexes are broken, Sensei now tries to automatically fix them before reporting error

  • OPNsense Dashboard Widget: fixed caching bug

  • Fixed custom dates in reporting date filters

  • Fixed a few minor cosmetic issues with cicada theme


  • Health: check and warn if /var directory is mounted on a tmpfs filesystem

  • Health: check and warn if the protected interface has jumbo frames (mtu larger than 1500)

  • Health: if a bypass event occurs due to cpu/ram/swap, Sensei now logs the top resourse intensive processes

  • Health: continuously check and warn if any Sensei interface is also in use by Suricata

  • Installer: re-try cpu check if it is not successfull for the first time

  • Interface configuration widget Firefox/mobile browser compatibility is re-visited and fixed

  • Other performance and reliability improvements