Bringing improvements and some bug fixes, this Sensei 1.3 release for OPNsense also introduces Sensei SOHO Subscription.

Starting from $9.99/month for home users, and $39/month for commercial users, all of Sensei’s subscription options can be purchased easily from the Sensei User Interface.

For plans and prices, please see: Sensei Plans page.

To learn how Premium adds on top of Free Features, see: Premium vs Free

What’s new in Sensei 1.3?

Sensei SOHO Subscription goes live

  • Sensei SOHO Subscription goes live
  • In-App purchase option for all subscription options. You can now purchase all Sensei Subscriptions easily through Sensei User Interface


  • New Premium feature: Pause/Resume internet for a policy with a single click
  • User defined lists: handle subdomain matching more intuitively. If you add, sensei will match all subdomains under this domain


  • New Premium feature: Export PDF: You can export the charts or live session reports as PDF files
  • New Premium feature: Activity Report: A more condensed and brief version of live connection activity report
  • New Premium feature: Fully Customizable Views. You can now add new fully configurable views
  • Security Reports renamed as “Block Reports”
  • Optimized time based charts (Mongodb backend)
  • Fixed policy name in Security Reports


  • Contact Sensei Team: improved to share more relevant information during bug-reports
  • Version history now shows feature history for all previous releases
  • API security tokens: ability to remove existing keys
  • Scheduled e-mails: fixed timing bug sometimes causing scheduled emails to fail
  • Wizard: initial configuration wizard now checks if your OPNsense is current and up to date
  • Dropped support for OPNsense 19.1.x and prior releases
  • Other performance and reliability improvements

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