OPNsense 20.7 is released. Since this is a major upgrade, we wanted to give you a quick update with regard to Sensei’s compatibility with the upcoming release.

Is Sensei compatible with 20.7


Anything I need to do after I upgrade my OPNsense to 20.7?

Yes.Just one more simple step:

After you complete your upgrade to OPNsense 20.7, run another “Check for Updates” from “System -> Firmware -> Updates“. You’ll see that you have available updates for Sensei and its database dependencies. Click “Update” and after you are finished with installing packages; head to Sensei -> Status and start any services that needs starting.

That’s it.

Anything I should be prepared for?

Yes. Netmap. Check the netmap compatibility status of your ethernet adapter for the new release. We saw improvements with regard to some drivers, while experiencing regressions with some. The most notable problems are related to the vtnet and vmx drivers, which are used in virtual environments.

But don’t worry, fixes are coming pretty fast. For now, just postpone your upgrade a bit if you have one of the mentioned drivers, or use the OPNsense official netmap beta kernel. 

For more, see this blog post: Status of netmap kernel for OPNsense 20.7