Sensei 1.7 for OPNsense is out with Cloud Central Management

It’s our utmost pleasure to announce the availability of Release 1.7 of Sensei for OPNsense. This release proudly brings one of the long-awaited features into reality: Cloud-Based Central Management of Sensei deployments.

Please read on for more details.

Cloud Central Management

A feature long-awaited by our MSP partners, the First BETA release of Cloud Central Management is available to try with this Sensei 1.7 for OPNsense release. To connect your firewall, head to Sensei -> Configuration -> Cloud Management Portal and follow on-screen instructions. It just takes a few seconds to get a centralized view of your deployments.

Cloud Management is an optional feature; and you are free to keep managing your Sensei through the OPNsense Web Interface as usual.

Cloud-based Central Management of Sensei deployments

Communication between your firewall and our Cloud servers are secured with 256 bit AES encryption. We employ 2048 bit RSA keys and Mutual TLS (mTLS) authentication to ensure that traffic is secure and trusted in both directions between the firewall and Sunny Valley Networks Cloud Servers.

The privacy-first design prioritizes that we store minimal possible information in the backend servers and that all information is stored in your devices and be retrieved on-demand when you request to access them through the Cloud Interface. Reports are retrieved and displayed through the firewalls.

Cloud agent software is open source. If you need to see what is being exchanged between the Cloud Servers and the firewalls, enable logging, and even more: see the source code for yourself. It’s the mighty python 3! 😉

Please be noted that Cloud Management is still considered a BETA software, and some features might still be missing. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use will be updated accordingly in the coming weeks.

Policy Management

  • Improvement: In the Free Edition, to provide a consistent User Experience; App, Web, and Security sub-menus have been merged into a “Default Policy.”

  • Improvement: Time schedules are now distinguishing criteria for policy definitions. You can now have different policies if their time schedules are different and even all other criteria are the same.

  • Improvement: After an app database update, newly introduced applications can be displayed now. Just click on “Display recently added application only.”

  • Bug-Fix: Custom app editing is fixed.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Improvement: Hide Local Connections and Hide Blocked Connections selection is now remembered.

  • Improvement: IPDR Streamer (Reporting streaming) is now multithreaded and is able to scale to multiple CPUs.

Premium Subscription renamed as Business Subscription

In the old days, it was just Free Edition and a single paid Premium Edition. It did not take long for us to see the demand for additional paid subscription tiers, and Home and SOHO tiers have joined the family. Premium Subscription meaning both “the highest-paid tier” and the category of paid subscriptions altogether, was confusing.

This is why from today onwards, we are renaming the highest subscription tier as “Business Subsciption“.

Other than the name change, all subcription tiers remain the same including features.


  • Improvement: Engine <-> UI communication has been migrated to a unix domain socket.

  • Bug-Fix: CIDR alias entries (/32) are now properly processed.

What’s cooking for 2021 and beyond?

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Premium Features

Starting from $9.99/month for home users and $39/month for commercial users, all of Sensei’s subscription options can be purchased right from within the Sensei User Interface.

For plans and prices, please see our Plans and Prices page.

Academic, educational, and non-profit organizations enjoy generous discounts. Details here: Edu Discount

To learn how Premium Subscriptions compare to Free Features, see: Premium vs Free

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