Sensei 1.7.1 for OPNsense is out with improvements for Active Directory Agent and Cloud Central Management. This release also enables tun(4) interfaces and addresses a a few issues reported by 1.7 users. Please find the full Release Notes below.

Sensei 1.7.1

Cloud Central Management

  • Improvement: Two-factor authentication is made more visible in the Account settings menu.
  • Improvement: During registration, users who are using OPNsense Web UI on “HTTP” protocol are now advised to switch to “HTTPS”.
  • Improvement: Metric values for the Reports
  • Bug- Fix: A fix is introduced for a bug that caused some Cloud Registrations to fail.

Active Directory Agent

  • New feature: AD agent can now stream user/group information to multiple firewalls simultaneously.
  • New feature: Kerberos Authentications Support
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Packet Engine

  • Improvement: Health watchdog value is adjusted to be able to accommodate low-end devices with weak CPU and slow disk speeds (e.g. apu2 devices)


  • Improvement: TUN interfaces (Wireguard, OpenVPN) are now re-enabled in the available interface section.


  • Bug-Fix: A bug while editing a whitelist is fixed.


  • Bug-fix: “Thank you” Screen: bogus meta characters are removed.

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