We’re super excited to announce that Sensei 1.0 out for OPNsense firewall and available for everyone to enjoy. 

This release is considered stable and marks the end of the BETA program. We’d like to take the time to convey our gratitudes to all beta users for testing the software and giving feedback to us. 

During BETA period, product received very quality feedback from the community and improved a lot. We’re looking forward to continuing the collaboration and providing more value to the community.


  • Application Control: Filtering based on Application / Application Categorization
  • Advanced Network Visibility: Drill down from the big picture and dive deep into per connection details.
  • Web Security & Filtering: Web filtering based on Cloud based Web Categorization (140+ Million web sites under 60+ categories).
  • Cloud Threat Intelligence: Auto-blocking based on real-time cloud threat intelligence
  • User ID: If you enable Captive Portal or install Sensei Active Directory Agent on your AD, you’ll start seeing users reported in the Network Analytics Module. 

See this quick video on how you can visualize your network drill down to details. 



For the experienced:

Login to your OPNsense via Secure Shell (SSH) as root and run this one-liner command:

# curl https://updates.sunnyvalley.io/getsensei | sh

For detailed instructions: Installing Sensei on OPNsense

How to UPDATE from a previous release?

  • Navigate to Sensei > Status in your OPNsense Firewall Web UI. 
  • You should see 1.0 update reported in the upper corner of the screen. 
  • Click on Update! and you’re done. 

Note: Beginning with this release, from now on, Sensei will be automatically updated when you do an OPNsense firmware upgrade. 

What’s Coming with Premium Subscription

For the first time, Sensei, with version 1.0, embodies premium features which are enabled online through the purchase of a Premium Subscription Activation Key.

Here are some of the features that are available in Premium Subscription:

  • Policy based controls. You can create unlimited number of policies to customize filtering & control for different groups of users. Policies can be created based on Network Interfaces, VLANs, Subnet / IP addresses and users/groups.
  • Time based filtering. You can create custom time intervals so that specific policies gets in effect only in select time intervals e.g. in weekdays, 8am-5pm etc. 
  • User based filtering and unlimited Active Directory Integration
  • Unlimited Web Controls
  • Reports streaming to external Syslog servers
  • Reports streaming to external Elasticsearch servers
  • Bundled Basic support via Sunny Valley Networks Help Center
  • Business and Support Options via Sunny Valley Networks Help Center

For more information about the Premium Subscription, how it compares to Freemium Edition and how you can get it, please see Plans & Pricing.

– Your Sensei Team

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