Sensei 1.0.3 is out for OPNsense Firewall

Sensei 1.0.3 release brings 22 new application signatures along with a list of improvements and bug-fixes

Dear Sensei users,

It’s our pleasure to announce the availability of Sensei 1.0.3 release.
This release comes with the below feature set.

You can update your Sensei through Sensei -> Status menu or through OPNsense updater.

What is new in Sensei 1.0.3

Application control & filtering

  • 22 new applications (Ad Tracking)
  • Fixed an issue affecting a block being recognised as public IP addresses
  • Re-evaluation of policy rules when a policy is re-configured
  • Fixed an issue matching policies with a Captive Portal user group
  • Captive portal: provide user group information to Sensei


  • Scheduled e-mail reports: now support STARTTLS method e-mail transport security
  • Scheduled e-mail reports: you can now specify a sender address for the e-mails
  • Reverse DNS lookups for local IP addresses


  • Output directory is now a memory-backed filesystem for higher file system performance

Cloud Threat Intelligence

  • new US-West Cloud servers (Test)
  • new Asia Cloud servers (Test)

You can now request web sites being re-categorized by sharing your custom lists with Sensei team


  • Important engine-related messages are communicated through UI
  • Now working with tucan/cicada themes (thanks to opnsenseuser of Team Rebellion for OPNsense commits)
  • During uninstall, you can now request to be contacted by the Sensei team about your problem
  • Fixed an issue preventing to select whole application category
  • Better user feedback forms


  • Proper LibreSSL build and repo
  • Installer now does a CPU benchmark test to see if Sensei can run successfully on your hardware
  • Migrated to Python 3.7
  • More reliability and performance improvements
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