After several months of field testing, we are super happy to announce the availability of Sensei 0.8.0 Beta.

This release introduces long awaited support for IPv6 and virtual ethernet adapters. Below is the full list of features that are coming along with this release (from 0.7.0)

IPv6 Support

It is great to see worldwide IPv6 adoption rate is increasing day by day. Utilization rates rose up to 35% in North America, Australia, Canada, India and it is even higher like 40% in majority of the European countries.

For that – and as promised – now Sensei has IPv6 support.

Sensei with IPv6 reporting
Sensei with IPv6 reporting

Virtio & Wireless & VLAN interface support

Virtio virtual interface support

There were many requests that we make Sensei run on virtual interfaces like vtnet. vtnet is the performant virtual adapter on QEMU, KVM, Proxmox, VirtualBox Hypervisors. Sensei 0.8 combined with OPNsense 19.1 new netmap enabled kernel, Sensei can now run on virtio interfaces.

This is also a big enabler to run OPNsense and Sensei on most of the major Cloud and VPS operators. More info on that: OPNsense Forum

Wireless interfaces support

Starting with OPNsense 19.1 and Sensei 0.8, you can now run Sensei on wireless interfaces.

VLAN interfaces support

Starting with OPNsense 19.1 and Sensei 0.8, you can now run Sensei on VLAN interfaces.

Better Cloud & Update Servers Availability

We are working hard to make the Cloud Server Infrastructure to better serve the growing number of Sensei users.

Sensei Cloud Status
Sensei Cloud Status


  • Users can now ignore the Hardware compatibility warning and install Sensei even if the HW resources are below what is advisable.
  • You will now get reported via an informative message in the web user interface if Sensei health check automatically stops Sensei service due to a hardware resource shortage. Up until now, Sensei was doing this quite silently 😉
  • Number of Elasticsearch dependencies decreased by 1/3: faster installs & updates

Better Reporting

  • IPv6 reporting
  • Ability to resolve local IP addresses to MDNS supplied hostnames
  • Source Hostname is now the default instead of IP address in Session Reports (IP is still available via a tooltip
  • Ability to specify start and end times for Session Explorer Reports
  • Ability to refresh Session Explorer Reports without having to close/re-open the report
  • Mobile devices UI improvements


Just run the following one-liner command on your OPNsense shell as root:

# curl | sh

Please see the following section about UPDATING if you have Sensei already installed.

For more guidance on installing & running Sensei just go ahead and see Sensei User Guide at Sensei web site.


Currently we’re shipping 0.8.0 beta1 from a separate package repository. So, if you are on 0.7, you’ll not be able to see the software update as of now. When 0.8.0 rc1 is released, we’ll move the packages to the main repository and you’ll then be able to update to 0.8.0.

The reason behind this is that 0.8 is in beta stage now and we want to allow 0.8.0 a little bit more field testing before we make it an update for 0.7 stable users.

ETA for 0.8.0.rc1 is March 18, 2019.

We expect to release Sensei 1.0 in mid April 2019. Sensei 1.0 will also be directly installable from OPNsense plugin manager.

If you find any issues or you want to reach out for comments and feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us through sensei -at- Sunny Valley Networks or through OPNsense forum: OPNsense Forum

All the best,
Sensei team