We’re happy to announce the availability of Sensei 0.7.0 release. It was ready since last Friday, but we wanted to make sure everyone had a calm Christmas holiday, spending time with friends and family instead of doing Sensei deployments 🙂

This is the full list of features that this release brings (from 0.6.x):

  • 350+ new applications identified.
  • Google applications browsed via Chrome are now being identified (QUIC over UDP protocol support).
  • Mobile browser compatibility: you can view reports from your mobile browser
  • Reports enhancement: Data retirement option introduced. With this option you can define how long to keep your reports (days)
  • Reports enhancement: Option to erase all reporting data
  • Reports enhancement: Drill-down in Security reports is now available
  • Reports enhancement: Daily executive reports. Selected reports delivered via a daily e-mail.
  • You can easily add block/allow rules within Session Explorer based on Application and Application Category or SNI / hostname
  • User’s Manual in English.
  • More deployment options for Home and Large scale users
  • Changelog between updates
  • Fixed Rebellion Theme compatibility issues.
  • Better Cloud Nodes availability
  • Better & smoother updates
  • We speak your language now, we added i18n support to match your OPNsense UI language. English and German are there for now, more coming soon.
  • Removed some large dependencies in preparation for embedded devices & PIE (Position Independent Executable) support.More performance & stability improvements.

To update your installation, simply navigate to Sensei -> Status and you should see 0.7.0 update being reported and an option to install it. If you do not see the update notification, just click “Check for updates” and you’ll be guided through the update process.

A quick note: Although this is marked “release”, Sensei is still under BETA development. We strongly advise to test the software on one of your test-beds to see if it fits your requirements. When we finally release Sensei 1.0, the BETA program will cease and the software will be publicly available for all users. We expect to release Sensei 1.0 in Q1 2019.

If you find any issues or you want to reach out for comments and feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us through sensei -at- Sunny Valley Networks or through OPNsense forum.

Happy new year to all
Sensei team