We’re excited to announce that Sensei 0.6 Release is finally out and available for BETA early users. Also happy to announce that we’ll be able to accept more users to the BETA program.

0.6 Release comes with the following functionality:

  • Application Control: Filtering based on Application / Application Categorization
  • Advanced Network Visibility: Drill-down reports which start with the big picture and dive into per connection details.
  • Web Security & Filtering: Web filtering based on Cloud based Web Categorization (140+ Million web sites under 60+ categories).
  • Cloud Threat Intelligence: Auto-blocking based on real-time cloud threat intelligence

How to UPDATE to 0.6 release?

From the first beta up until today, we’ve worked a great deal on the Update mechanism. This is good in the sense that we’ve improved it a lot 🙂 The flip side is that if you’re upgrading from a beta or an early release candidate (rc), trying to update from the User Interface will most likely create some red warning screens. Reason is the updater code which will be running at time of update will be the old one.

If you’re on a version which is prior to rc10, we strongly advise that you uninstall Sensei first and do a fresh install with the new installer. The installer link for the 0.6-release should already be in your mailbox. If you do not have it just give us a notice and we’ll send it right away.

Uninstalling Sensei:

Navigate to Sensei > Configuration. If you see the Uninstall tab, you’re good to go, just stop the engine, and remove the software.

Uninstall Screen

If you cannot see the Uninstall tab, which means you’re on a very early beta, no worries. Download the following uninstall script and run it on the OPNsense shell console. This will work for all beta/rc releases:

# fetch https://updates.sunnyvalley.io/updates/uninstall_0_6.sh
# chmox +x uninstall_0_6.sh
# ./uninstall_0_6.sh

When you’re done removing the software, go ahead and download the new installer for 0.6-release. Then, start a shiny new install 😉

OPNsense ngfw

We look forward to reading your impressions. Please feel free to get back to us if you encounter any problems. You can always e-mail us or just submit a bug-report from Gitlab: 

OPNsense Sensei Plugin

There is also a thread about Sensei in the OPNsense forum. Please feel free to join the conversation.

What’s cooking for 0.7?

While you’re busy with updating to 0.6, we’ll be on our half-way towards getting 0.7 release ready for you. We hope to release it in early October.

Followings are the new enhancements / fixes that are cooking for 0.7:

  • New Report – Blocked Connections Sessions Explorer and drill-down reporting
  • Reports enhancement: Daily executive reports. Selected reports delivered via a daily e-mail
  • Customizable Landing Page for Blocked connections
  • Reports data retiring: disk space consumed by Elastic Search (Reports) will be configurable
  • Release Changelog will be displayed during Sensei updates
  • Shortcut to add Block/Allow rules based on fields (IP Address, Application, App Category etc.) via Session Explorer Reports. 
  • Flow & Session information streaming via Syslog
  • 350+ new applications identified
  • Installation via OPNsense package manager
  • Documentation: Sensei Users’ Manual
  • More performance & stability improvements