You asked and we delivered!

Based on customer input, we’re very pleased to announce the release of Zenarmor 1.11. This release includes great new features that benefit all Zenarmor users, no matter how large or small the network they’re protecting.

Let’s take a quick look at the new features included in Zenarmor 1.11.

Install Zenarmor on your Operating System of choice!

Zenarmor OS Choice

Building on our tradition of providing Network Administrators with the ability to deploy our Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) on their preferred OS, wherever and whenever it is needed, the latest release of Zenarmor offers users even more deployment options. This latest Zenarmor release now includes support for Ubuntu 21, world’s most popular open-source desktop operating system and the Debian 11 “bullseye” operating system which is suitable for many different use cases from netbooks to cluster systems.

Most firewall providers require expensive proprietary hardware that is costly to purchase and maintain. As a software provider, Sunny Valley Networks gives you the freedom of choice to deploy on the latest hardware available, or repurpose your existing servers to create high performance NGFWs. By providing support for multiple ethernet interfaces in this release, Zenarmor’s Linux OS based NGFWs delivers state of the art network security utilizing the distribution preferred by your organization. We’ve delivered that functionality to our customers who have deployed Zenarmor with OPNsense for some time and are very pleased to provide the same capabilities to our customers running Linux.

Set it and Forget it: Real-time Policy Synchronization from the Cloud

Real-time Policy Synchronization

Enterprise customers, as well as home and business users can now easily implement changes to their security policies from the cloud. Zenarmor 1.11 now automatically synchronizes policy changes across all Zenarmor NGFW instances deployed on your networks. Simply enable the real-time sync option from your Zenconsole (formerly Cloud Portal) and avoid spending time manually updating and syncing policy changes ever again!!

Faster, Easier and More Efficient NGFW Management For Partners

More Efficient NGFW

No matter which open source firewall or OS you’ve made the decision to deploy, eg. OPNSense, FreeBSD, Debian, etc., Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) can now administer Zenarmor on behalf of their customers without having to interact with individual Zenarmor instances deployed across their network. Simply login to the cloud based Zenconsole and easily deliver the latest and consistent set of security policies across the network you manage for your customer.

Real-time Botnet Command and Control (C&C) Blocking

Real-time Botnet CC

The increased popularity of IoT devices used in both home and corporate networks present a new set of Cybersecurity challenges. Any IoT device connected to the internet is exposed to Botnet attacks, which in turn puts all your online assets at risk.

With our latest release, Botnet Detection, auto-blocking is now available to help secure your network utilizing the latest cloud-based real-time Threat Intelligence database covering more than 300M sites. Zenarmor 1.11 instantly detects malicious Botnet activity and blocks them instantly across all ports and devices.

To enable this feature, simply head to Advanced Security, and toggle the “Botnet C&C” button. It’s that easy!

Smart IP Detection

With the 1.11 release, Zenarmor can now detect, sort, analyze and block IP sources utilizing threat intelligence. We now cover both domains and the IP addresses that are linked to them as well to identify potential malicious activity.

Unlike DNS based firewalls, Zenarmor effectively protects your network against encrypted DNS traffic hiding behind HTTPS encryption at the domain level. With this newly improved network security, you can easily block specific IP addresses to minimize your organizations cybersecurity risks.

We have more Good News for SoHo and Home Users!

Less is More, especially if you’re an OPNSense user: the SQLite relational database backend is now supported!

Less Is More

The development team at Sunny Valley Networks is in a constant quest to provide Enterprise grade network security capabilities even to the most resource constrained environments. Zenarmor 1.11 now provides users an option to deploy utilizing Sqlite as the relational database backend!

By supporting SQLite (the most widely used database engine in the world) on OPNSense, Zenarmor now delivers enterprise-grade network security for smaller environments, including home or small office networks, by eliminating the need for expensive hardware typically associated with network security.

SQLite provides all of the advanced analytics and reporting functionalities needed in a home or small office environment, while at the same time providing all the advantages of being a light-weight database compared to the alternative Mongodb backend.

If you are a home or small business with less than 100 devices we think you’ll really appreciate this option.

For a deeper dive into all the new functionality included in this release, please take a look at our New Release Notes. While you're at it, please be sure to follow us on linkedin and stay up to date on the latest developments at Sunny Valley Networks!

Give Zenarmor 1.11 a try and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you.

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