You have a Sensei Subscription. You like it! But you feel like it would be great to manage your subscriptions online? Well, we have news for you. Sunny Valley Networks “Cloud Portal“.

Today, we have launched Sunny Valley Networks “Cloud Portal”, where you will be able to manage all your Sensei Subscriptions from a single location.

You can access the Cloud Portal by visiting Sunny Valley Cloud address; or even simpler: just click on the “My Account” button on the Sunny Valley Networks web site.

The Cloud Portal is a secure, web-based online service which provides you with the following benefits: 

  • Purchase subscriptions by easily comparing all available options (including HA options)
  • Upgrade your subscription to an Annual plan or to a completely higher tier (e.g. from SOHO to Premium)
  • Request cancellations
  • Enjoy campaigns and discounts
  • Access upcoming payments options like Paypal, Bank Transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Giro Pay, SEPA and many more…
  • Easily get in touch with Sunny Valley Networks Support & Sales teams. 
Portal - Licenses

What's in Cloud Portal for the Partners?

As of now (June, 2020), Cloud Portal is only made available for end users who use Sunny Valley Networks products and services for their own use. 

We’ll soon be making this Portal available for our Business Partners, where they’ll be able to access great many benefits some of which are:

  • Managing Clients & Subscriptions
  • Enjoying Partner Discounts
  • Registering deals, requesting special discounts
  • Easily purchasing, upgrading and managing subscriptions.
  • Enjoying Partner Campaigns

Coming soon: Centralized Policy Management

This might be especially interesting for our Partners who were requesting a central management of their Sensei deployments. 

We are expanding our Cloud Infrastructure in such a way that soon it will be possible for you to be able to centrally access and manage some of Sensei’s functionality through this portal:

  • View Network Analytics Reports (Database is not hosted in the Cloud; data is pulled from your local database)
  • Start / Stop / Bypass Sensei Engine
  • Centrally Manage Sensei Policies and Configuration
  • Create groups of installations, selectively deploy policies with a single click
  • Troubleshoot Policies, easily create whitelists / blacklists
  • Display status information

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