After a good amount of field testing, we believe it’s time to make version 0.8 available for a wider audience. With 0.8.0 Release Candidate 2, 0.7 users are able to update to 0.8 version.

Sensei 0.8.0 Release Candidate 2 is out. This marks the final step into releasing 0.8 and towards 1.0

This version is also available for an update for 0.7 users.

Change log is as follows: * Sensei 0.7 to 0.8 updates are tested and ready to roll

  • A fix for systems with 4GB memory: A backend misconfiguration has been fixed. Now you can run on 4GB
  • Enable support for Hardware-assisted bypass functionality (For experimental L2-Bridge mode deployments). Currently Silicom Bypass adapters are supported.
  • More reliability fixes

Enjoy 🙂
Sensei Team

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