We’re excited to announce the availability of first BETA of Sensei 0.7 for users running a 0.6.x release.

Although this Beta has gone through detailed pilot testing and proved to be stable enough to be publicly announced; we do not yet recommend installing 0.7 Beta1 to your mission critical production firewalls.

If you see 0.7-beta1 reported in your Sensei Status page, go for it if you’re on a test-bed. Otherwise, stay tuned for 0.7-release announcement.

0.7 Beta1 comes with the following functionality:

  • New Report – Blocked Connections Sessions Explorer and drill-down reporting
  • Reports enhancement: Daily executive reports. Selected reports delivered via a daily e-mail.
  • Customizable Landing Page for Blocked connections
  • Reports data retiring: disk space consumed by Elastic Search (Reports) is now configurable
  • Release Changelog is now displayed during Sensei updates
  • Shortcut to add Block/Allow rules based on fields (IP Address, Application, App Category etc.) via Session Explorer Reports.
  • 350+ new applications identified.
  • Documentation: Sensei User’s Manual
  • Sensei speaks your language now, we added i18n support to match your OPNsense UI language. English & German are the two for now, more coming soon.
  • More performance & stability improvements.

How to Update to 0.7 beta1?

If you’re on 0.6.2, just click on the “Check Updates” link on Sensei Status page. You’ll see 0.7 beta1 update being reported:

Click on the “Install” button. Rest will be taken care of the Updater system. When you’re finished updating, packet engine and the reporting system will be restarted and you’ll be good to continue enjoying Sensei.

If you haven’t updated to 0.6.2 yet and you’re on a earlier 0.6.x release, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Uninstall Sensei from “Configuration” “Uninstall” menu
  2. Download and run es_patch script, which can be downloadable from https://updates.sunnyvalley.io/es_patch. This fixes several problems with Elasticsearch. For more details, see https://www.sunnyvalley.io/blog/sensei-elasticsearch/
  3. Re-install Sensei using this guide: https://guide.sunnyvalley.io/sensei/getting-started/setup

What’s Next?

We look forward to releasing 0.7-release in the following two weeks. 0.7 Release will also showcase the initial features from the Premium Edition.

Be In Touch

We look forward to reading your impressions. Please feel free to get back to us through sensei at sunnyvalley.io e-mail if you encounter any problems.

There is dedicated thread about Sensei in the OPNsense forum. Please feel free to join the conversation: https://forum.opnsense.org/index.php?topic=9521.0

You can always e-mail us or just submit a bug-report from Gitlab: https://gitlab.com/svn-community/opnsense-sensei-plugin/issues

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