Agile Network Security
for your Hyper-Distributed Enterprise

No more backhauling of your Data to Security.
Now is the time to bring Security to your Data.

Plug & Secure to meet your Agility

Sensei is appliance-free. It is light-weight and nimble. This uniquely allows you to launch instantenous software micro firewalls on demand; easily securing any of your assets where-ever they might be and when-ever you need be.

With the micro & mighty packet inspection core you have an unprecedented capabilty so powerful that it can even protect against advanced encrypted threats.

Seamless between all your environments

On-prem or Cloud. Bare-metal or virtual. A single container or a Kubernetes Cluster. A single server or a whole enterprise network.

Anywhere you have network access.

A perfect fit for your omni-presence!

Subscription Pricing!

Just like you can deploy Sensei instantly, you can do so with instant subscriptions.

No upfront fees. Subscription based pricing model allows you to start paying when you need it. Monthly or Annual subscription tiers perfectly match your agile budgets.

Pay when you need. Stop when you don’t need anymore.

Single Pane of Glass:
Manage Policies not Boxes!

Design your centralized policies independent of IP Addresses, Port Numbers, Locations and Devices.

Create context-aware policies which get automatically applied to all of your assets and locations.

Aggregated Network Analytics & Insights

Easily aggregate and visualize all security telemetry through a single
pane of glass.

  • Start from the enterprise-level big picture, drill down to per-connection details.
  • Visualize all your networks in real-time.
  • Spot anomalies visually
  • Integrate with your favorite SIEM

East-West Visibilty & Enforcement

Get highly granular “everywhere” visibility with powerful and instant inspection engines, centralized management, and open APIs for integration with third-party tools.

Conveniently add east-west visibility to your already strong north-south defenses.

Easy & Powerful.

Encrypted Threats Protection

Cyber adversaries are also enjoying encryption.

Shed light into your networks’ dark spots with built-in native Full TLS Inspection.

Zero out your decryption costs. No need for additional TLS decryption solutions.

Enjoy flexible, software-based TLS visibility in the Cloud.

RESTful API for DevSecOps*
and more

Manage firewall nodes, filtering and QoS policies and access centralized reporting through the RESTful API.

Sky is the new limit for your fully automated dynamic enterprise!
(*) To be introduced soon

Deployed in 100+ countries
Selected amongst top 10 startups

Available for: