ENTERPRISE-GRADE Content Filtering for EDUCATION đź“š

True content filtering is now possible for educational institution budgets! Deployed by K-12 schools, universities, school districts and libraries in over 100+ countries, Sensei is the new :go-to” solution for educational institutions for their content filtering and threat protection needs.

Sensei for education dashboard view
enterprise grade content filter for schools

Stop Real-time Threats

Unlike basic web filtering tools, Sensei is equipped with powerful enterprise-grade content filtering technology that allows businesses to deploy sophisticated security capabilities for detecting and blocking malware and advanced threats.

application control for schools

Control Web and Application Access

Keeping your students safe from harmful or inappropriate content, while being able to provide the best of Internet experience is not a daunting task anymore.

Enforce granular access policies in minutes, without requiring any software installed on each device.

AI-powered cloud based web categorization database provides real-time classification for hundreds of millions of sites. Unknown sites are categorized under 5 minutes.

Block or control unauthorized or misbehaving applications regardless of port numbers.
Create custom categories to blacklist or whitelist sites.
Rich application database consists of signatures for thousands of applications.
group based access control for schools

Employ User and Group-based Access Controls

Easily integrate with Microsoft Active Directory or Captive Portal to have user and group based filtering.
Detect deviations from normal user behavior.
best in class analytics and reproting

Best-in-Class Analytics and Reporting

Our real-time threat databases identify thousands of communication protocols and data attributes to filter out cyber threats and malicious or unwanted traffic. Features include:

Real-time network visualization.

Per-connection detail.

Anomaly visualization

instant cipa compliance

Instant CIPA Compliance

CIPA is a regulation to keep young users safe online. Your CIPA-compliant Acceptable Use Policies can be created in minutes. Thanks to Sensei’s true content filtering technology, they are effective and efficient. Sensei’s super easy policy manager will allow you to create Internet Safety Policies that are CIPA-compliant.

user-based filtering

Cantonal School Frauenfeld

Thanks to the additional features such as “Web Security”, “Cloud App Controls” or “User-based filtering”, finally our OPNsense firewall acts as a complete Next-Generation Firewall with Sensei.
-Sandro DelPriore-
OPNsense and Sensei success story

FVA Aachen e.V

Sensei is maintenance-free: With self-updating databases and optionally cloud-assisted real-time security, Sensei’s maintenance comes down to updating its packages with OPNsense itself.
-Oliver Kuckertz-
Next generation firewall for schools

Priced for Education

While firewall technology requirements for educational institutions are similar to enterprises, school budgets are not. With OPNsense and Sensei, school districts and colleges now have a solution that can not only meet all of an educational institution’s requirements but also have the protection of a Next Generation Firewall all at under $1 per device.

Deployed in 100+ countries
Deployed in 100+ countries
Selected amongst top 10 startups
Selected amongst top 10 startups

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