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Is Zenarmor (Sensei) open source?

Zenarmor consists of two modules:

  • PHP Code & Python Scripts which provide the Web User Interface Functionality. This part is open source.
  • The Packet Engine coded in C++. This part is closed source.

How often are Zenarmor Application & Web Database (threat signatures) updated?

The majority of our threat signatures are served through our real-time Cloud Infrastructure. This database is queried in real-time and signature updates to this system are almost continuous. We can push a new signature to the Cloud within minutes. ​

Zenarmor has a local database which caches the most popular domains and doesn’t query them. In addition, the queried domains not found in the local database are cached to increase the performance. The cache is updated hourly. ​

The local App database is used for the signatures that are more sophisticated. Since these signatures are complex, they require testing. Usually we ship 1-4 local signature updates per month. ​

The frequency of updates is independent of the OPNsense update cycle. Updates are handled directly by Zenarmor. ​

To ensure you receive the latest updates automatically, the toggle button must be enabled for the option Automatically Update Application Database on the ConfigurationUpdates & Health page.

Zenarmor Configuration Updates & Health PaneFigure 1: Zenarmor Configuration Updates & Health Pane

How do I uninstall the Zenarmor plugin?

  • Navigate to ZenarmorConfiguration
  • Click on Uninstall tab
  • Click on Uninstall Zenarmor packet engine button.
  • Confirm that you want to proceed.

How do I get support for Zenarmor?

Please refer to Getting support section here

How do I send a bug report for Zenarmor?

Please refer to Reporting a Bug section here.