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Getting Support

Premium Subscription Support#


Premium Support provides access to Sunny Valley Help Desk. Through SVN Help Desk, you can do self service and discover helpful information or create support tickets, which gets taken care by SVN engineers with a higher priority and - with the related support option - a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

To access Sunny Valley Help Desk, follow this URL:

When you buy a Sensei Premium Subscription, you are automatically entitled to Premium Subscription Basic Support. Basic support enables you to create tickets and get direct help from Sunny Valley Networks engineers.

Home and SOHO subscriptions do not qualify for Basic Support. Our Forum / Documentation is always here to guide you through.

Please note that Basic Support does not provide response time guarantees. If you're looking for more advanced support options backed by a SLA, you can always request it from our partners. If you've purchased Sensei Subscription through one of our channel partners, they have several support options available that are tailored to your specific needs.

For more information about Support Pricing and Service Level Agreements (SLA) see:

Free Edition Support#

Forum, Reporting your Bug via Web UI, and e-mail are three methods from which you can get help. We recommend the OPNsense forum and also reporting bugs via Sensei User Interface.

Also do not forget to connect with our Social Media Accounts:

Twitter: @sunnyvalley


Sunny Valley Blog

Reporting a bug#

See the "Reporting a bug page"

OPNsense Forum#

  • There is an active discussion about Sensei on OPNsense forum. The related thread is under Development and Code Review section. Look for the topic "Sensei on OPNsense Application based filtering".

Or simply click:;topicseen#new

opnsense forum


Just shoot an e-mail to sensei -at-, and we'll be happy to help you.

Support Options for Channel Partners#

Sunny Valley Networks provides Tier 3 Support Options for Sensei Channel Partners.

To learn more about them, please contact us through our Parnership page.

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