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Web Control Rules

Web Controls are web-specific controls that you can use while browsing the web.


The distinction between Application Controls and Web Controls is that Web Controls give more specific and focused policy management for HTTP and HTTPS (Web) connections.

Application Controls, on the other hand, are a more generalized control mechanism that works for all protocols and connection types.

For example, if you want to block a specific website or category that you know uses the HTTP protocol, you should use Web Controls to do so.

If you want to create an access policy for Tor Browser that can run on any TCP port, you should use Application Controls.

The Sensei processes the request, performs real-time queries to SVN Cloud, and determines whether it should be blocked or allowed. In milliseconds, we check against 140+ million websites in 120+ categories.

HTTPS filtering is based on SNI and FQDN information if TLS Inspection is not enabled. URL and HTTP protocol headers are also examined if TLS Inspection is enabled.


Web Categories#

Websites are classified by type and listed on the Web Controls page.

Sunny Valley Networks manages the Web Categorization Database.

Sensei: Web Controls

Figure 1. Sensei: Web Controls

There are four different types of predefined Web Profile:

  1. Permissive: There are no restrictions on web browsing in this profile.

  2. Moderate Control: Only dangerous/high risky web categories such as Illegal Drugs, Adult, Pornography, Violence and Advertisements are blocked in this profile.

  3. High Control: Forums, Alcohol, Blogs, Gambling, Chats, Dating, Games, Job Search, Online Storage, Social Networks, Software Downloads, Weapons, Military, Swimsuits, Tobacco, and Warez Sites are among the categories blocked in this profile, in addition to the ones blocked in the Moderate profile.

  4. Custom: By creating a new profile, you can perform fully customized web filtering.

By just clicking on the name of the Web profile you can configure the web filtering on your node.

Searching Web Category to Filter#

There are a lot of web categories on the Web controls page, and it can be difficult to scroll down and navigate through all of them. You can look for and find a specific web category by using the Search field. Simply type the name of a category into the search form to find it in the list.

Search a web category in Web Controls

Figure 2. Search a web category in Web Controls

Defining Custom Web Control#

The user-friendly approach of Sensei places you at the center of the control universe. You have the option of creating your own web control rules. To define a custom web profile,

  • Click Custom tab on Web Controls page.
  • Click the toggle button next to the web category that you want to block.

By default, all web categories are Allowed in Custom web profile.

Sensei: Custom Web Controls

Figure 3. Sensei: Custom Web Controls

Activating the rules#

When you're satisfied with your changes, click the synchronization button next to the policy to synchronize with the firewall and activate the rules on the policies list view.

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