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Uninstalling on OPNsense

You can easily uninstall the Zenarmor (Sensei) engine by following the next steps:

  1. Navigate to the Zenarmor-SenseiConfigurationUninstall on your OPNsense GUI.


Figure 1: Navigation to Zenarmor-Sensei→Configuration→Uninstall.

  1. Stop the Zenarmor engine by clicking Stop Zenarmor Packet Engine button. After the engine is stopped, the below dialog box appears. Click Refresh button to close the notification window.

    engine is stopped

Figure 2: A message window indicating that the engine is stopped.

  1. Click Uninstall Zenarmor Packet Engine button.

    Uninstalling Zenarmor Packet Engine

Figure 3: Uninstalling Zenarmor Packet Engine

  1. This will pop up a window to confirm the uninstallation. You have two options here: You can either remove Zenarmor completely with all its data and packages, or you can just remove the packages leaving the data intact. The latter option is useful if you are doing reinstall or you plan to install Zenarmor in the feature. Click Yes to continue the uninstallation.

    Uninstallation Confirmation Message

Figure 4: Uninstallation Confirmation Message

  1. One final step, please let us know why youre uninstalling *Zenarmor*. This would help *Sunny Valley Networks* improve the software and better serve you in the future. Then, Click Send anonymous feedback to Zenarmor team`.

    Feedback Form For Uninstallation

Figure 5: Feedback Form For Uninstallation

  1. After the uninstallation is completed successfully, a notification window appears. Click OK to return back to OPNsense Web UI.

    Notification For Completed Uninstallation

Figure 6: Notification For Completed Uninstallation