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Zenarmor (Sensei) Subscriptions

Zenarmor offers four different subscription plans depending on your needs:

  1. Free Plan
  2. Home Subscription
  3. SOHO Subscription
  4. Business Subscription

For a complete comparison of Free and Paid Plans, please visit:


Home Subscription is only available for Non-commercial Use. Home Subscription usage in commercial environments is not allowed. If the end-user needs paid subscription features in his/her office/business then the right option would be SOHO or Business Subscription.

Home / SOHO / Business Subscription features are activated through the purchase of an activation key.

  • To purchase a subscription, you can easily do so through Sunny Valley Networks Cloud Portal or within the Zenarmor User Interface. You'll need a valid credit card. It only takes 30 seconds to purchase and activate your subscription.
  • If you're on OPNsense, you can purchase a subscription directly from the OPNsense Web User Interface under the Zenarmor menu.
  • You can also contact one of our authorized partners and purchase your Zenarmor subscription.

Additional Partner discounts are available. Apply now to become a Zenarmor Partner.