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Uninstallation of Zenarmor (Sensei) from your system

To unregister and uninstall your Zenarmor from your operating system you need to run the below command as root or user with sudo privileges:

Uninstalling Zenarmor
sudo zenarmorctl uninstall

A confirmation message for uninstallation of the Zenarmor packages and unregistration of the node from Zenportal (Centralized Cloud Management Portal). Press ‘y’ to continue.

Are you sure to uninstall Zenarmor programs and unregister from Cloud management? (y/n)

The following confirmation message is displayed to keep the reporting data for future analysis. Press ‘y’, if you wish to store existing reporting data.

Do you want to keep reporting data (/usr/local/datastore) ? (y/n)

After you have uninstalled the Zenarmor, you will see the following lines at the end of the command output: