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Firewall Settings on Cloud Portal

On the Settings tab of Sensei Centralized Cloud Management interface you can manage and configure your firewall settings.

By using this Settings tab

  • You may share your firewall with others you want
  • You can configure your firewall by making database selection, interface selection, deployment mode selection or deleting firewall from centralized cloud management portal.
  • Also you can manage your subscriptions here.


Cloud Central Management -Sharing

Figure 1. Cloud Central Management -Sharing

Sharing a Sensei firewall allows you to manage your firewall with others. When you share your node you will give admin rights to the people you shared.


You can only share a node if you're the owner of it and if you have Premium subscriptions. For more information, please refer to plans & pricing.

There are two kinds of users in Sensei.

1. Owner: This is the user who has created the firewall or owned it.

2. Admin: This is the user who you shared your firewall with.

The Owner has all rights on the node to manage and configure.

Admins do not have rights on

  • Deleting or sharing the node
  • Adding the node to a project
  • Managing Policies of the node

Cloud Central Management -Invite People

Figure 2. Cloud Central Management -Invite People

To share your Firewall

  • Click Add User
  • On the pop-up window, type the email address of the invited person
  • Click Send Invite

You can see on the Sharing page who has access to this firewall.

Projects are listed also in the sharing page. If your node belongs to a project you can find shared persons on this project.You can manage these users from Projects settings.


Configurations page allows you to

  • Configure Reporting database
  • Selecting Deployment Mode
  • Interface Selection
  • Deleting Node

If you are the owner of the firewall you can configure settings.

For more information about how to configure a node, please refer to Initial Configuration of A Firewall For the Cloud Central Management Portal

Cloud Central Management -Configuration

Figure 3. Cloud Central Management -Configuration

If you are not the owner of the firewall you will see the message below

Cloud Central Management -Configuration-Permission

Figure 4. Cloud Central Management -Configuration-Permission

Deleting Node#

Deleting your node means unregistering your firewall from Cloud Management Portal.

Cloud Central Management -Configuration-Delete

Figure 5. Cloud Central Management -Configuration-Delete

If you want to re-register your node to the Centralized Cloud Management Portal, please refer to Registering to the Cloud Central Management Portal


Viewing Subscriptions#

You can see your subscriptions in detail in this section. Purchased subscription will determine your usage limitations. If it is Free you won't have Premium rights to manage your firewall.

On the Statuspane, you will be able to check your subscription validity by clicking on the Check Again. Checking interval is 5 minutes and you need to wait 5 minutes for rechecking.

Status pane provides the following details about your subscriptions:

  • Purchased Subscription:Free/Home/SOHO/Business
  • Activation Key: Installed activation key on the node for your subscription.
  • Installed Subscription:Free/Home/SOHO/Business
  • Last Checked: The date and time of validity check of the subscription.
  • Number of Unique Devices: The count of each device on your network for the current day. You can decide which subscription plan is right for you by taking the number of devices into account.

For more information, please refer to Choosing the Right Subscription Plan

Cloud Central Management -Configuration-Subscription Status

Figure 6. Cloud Central Management -Configuration-Subscription Status

Update Subscriptions#

If you have a purchased subscription you can set it on the Update Subscriptions pane.After typing or pasting your activation key and clicking the “Submit” button, the engine will activate your subscription in a few seconds.

Cloud Central Management -Update Subscription

Figure 7. Cloud Central Management -Update Subscription


If you are using an activation key that is activated on another firewall you will be prompted with a caution that by submitting this activation key you will unregister your older subscription and the engine will only activate your subscription on that firewall.

Manage Subscriptions#

You can manage your subscriptions or purchase a new one.

Cloud Central Management - Manage Subscription

Figure 8. Cloud Central Management - Manage Subscription

When you click to My Subscriptions, on a new tab your subscriptions will be listed as in figure

Cloud Central Management - My Subscriptions

Figure 9. Cloud Central Management - My Subscriptions

You can also purchase a new subscription by using the Purchase a new subscription link. It will redirect you to the checkout page.

Cloud Central Management - Purchase Subscription

Figure 10. Cloud Central Management - Purchase Subscription

In the managing subscriptions section you can also access subscriptions comparing page and latest documentation of Sensei.

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