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Configuring Firewall on Zenconsole

On the Settings tab of Zenconsole (Centralized Cloud Management interface) you can manage and configure your firewall settings.

By using this Settings tab

  • You may share your firewall with others you want to manage it collaboratively.

  • You can configure your firewall by making database selection, interface selection, deployment mode selection or deleting firewall from centralized cloud management portal.

  • You can configure DNS for reporting data of your firewall.

  • You can manage your Zenarmor subscriptions.

  • Also you can enable/disable API and manage API keys for your firewall here.


Configurations page allows you to

  • Configure Reporting database
  • Selecting Deployment Mode
  • Interface Selection
  • Deleting Node

If you are the owner of the firewall you can configure settings.

For more information about how to configure a node, please refer to Initial Configuration of A Firewall For the Cloud Central Management Portal

Zenconsole - Configuration

Figure 1. Zenconsole - Configuration

If you are not the owner of the firewall you will see the message below

Zenconsole Cloud Central Management -Configuration-Permission

Figure 2. Zenconsole - Configuration - Permission

Deleting Node

Deleting your node means unregistering your firewall from Zenportal (Cloud Management Portal).

Zenconsole Cloud Central Management -Configuration-Delete

Figure 3. Zenconsole - Configuration - Delete

If you want to re-register your node to the Zenportal (Centralized Cloud Management Portal), please refer to Registering to the Cloud Central Management Portal


The Zenarmor API feature allows you to create your own integrations between the firewall and other security solutions. It authenticates requests using API keys. Zenconsole allows you to Enable/Disable API and Create/Remove API keys.