Enterprise-Grade Security
for your Business

Now, businesses of any size can realize the level of network protection which has been the privilege of large scale enterprises.

Stop Threats in real-time

Unlike superficial filtering tools (e.g. dns filtering), Sensei is equipped with a powerful Enterprise-grade true content filter technology allowing you to employ sophisticated security mechanisms capable of detecting and blocking malware and threats which utilize advanced evasion techniques

Improve Productivity

Create granular access policies for Cloud services like Google, Dropbox, Amazon,Twitter and so on.

Commercial grade cloud based app / web categorization database provides real-time classification for unknown sites under 5 minutes.

  • Apply filtering policies for more than 200 Million web sites under 40+ categories.
  • Create custom categories to blacklist or whitelist sites

Affordable Pricing!

Starting from as low as $39/mo; enjoy Next-Generation network security for your business!

Enjoy industry's best-in-class analytics and reporting

Rich application databases identify thousands of communication protocols and data attributes, creating the most accurate picture of real-time data activity

  • Visualize your network in real-time
  • Start from the big picture; drill down to per-connection details
  • Spot anomalies visually

Easily manage via the Cloud Interface

Easily manage through the Cloud-based management interface.
Have ultimate control over your office security even when you’re traveling.

Always stay up to date with daily/weekly security reports.

Rule your headquarters and branch offices from a single management pane.

Deploy anywhere you like

Sensei is appliance-free. What you can get is not limited by those home-sized appliance specs. You’re free to have Sensei on anywhere you like. Even on one of your retired PCs, or your home lab virtual system.

No more trashing of your old hardware.

Deployed in 100+ countries
Selected amongst top 10 startups

Available for: