Proudly Introducing the era of Instant Firewalls!

Get instant security for where-ever you have network access!

New Sensei is now ZENARMOR

Time for another breakthrough!

Firewall 1.0

Stateful Firewalls

Born to provide security for sessions rather than packets

Firewall 2.0

Next Generation Firewalls

Understands context and provides security for applications and users


Instant Firewall

Provides instant network security for the agile, hyper-distributed new world

Enterprise-grade security for any network

Home Network Security for Professionals

Stop Threats in Real Time

Powerful, enterprise-class content filtering engine that detects and blocks advanced malware as well as highly sophisticated threats.

Home Network Security for Professionals

Deploy on Any Network

You can even deploy ZENARMOR on an outdated PC or a home lab virtual system!

Home Network Security for Professionals

Plug and Play Agile Security

Free, lightweight and nimble. This allows enterprises to instantly launch software-based micro firewalls on demand to easily secure assets wherever they might be and at any time.

Home Network Security for Professionals

Control Web and Application Access

AI-powered cloud based web categorization database provides real-time classification for hundreds of millions of sites. Unknown sites are categorized under 5 minutes.

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Sensei is re-branded as zenarmor